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According to Dr. David Burns depression has been called the world’s number one health problem.   The impact of depression on the individual, their families and society is enormous. Most people have been touched by someone who is struggling with depression and can see the fallout from this illness. Many people who are depressed also experience a lot of anxiety. They often go hand. The good news is that there are effective treatments that teach you how to elevate your moods and overcome the depression.

Depression brings with it:

  • a general sense of unworthiness
  • a lack of motivation to do things you enjoyed at one time 
  • ongoing negative thoughts
  • A negative change in appetite or sleeping patterns

If  you recognize that  you struggle with depression getting help is one of the first key steps. Suffering in silence is doing a disservice to yourself and those that care about you.


Anxiety is a normal human emotion that we all experience at times. It is a problem when it becomes consistent and has a negative impact on your day to day functioning. We start to​ avoid​ things that are anxiety producing creating limitations in our work, relationships, health and our general well being. Whether you struggle with general anxiety, phobias, specific anxieties or post-traumatic stress disorder there are specific treatments available to provide relief.

Couples Therapy

Most couples go through difficult patches where communication breaks down and the tools that have always worked in the past are no longer effective. When the relationship has become noticeably negative for a long period of time and you can find no more solutions on your own it’s time for new tools and ways of communicating. It’s time to get out of the negative cycle and rekindle the feelings you have for each other. It’s time to get to work as a ​couple and remove the barriers that are dragging the relationship down. It is not the time to quit. After years of working with couples I know that if they end their relationship and partner with another person there will be still be problems that need solving. I specifically work on communication with couples. I offer a communication technique that fosters understanding, intimacy and creativity without the conflict and hurt that comes from ineffective communication patterns.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Cognitive behavioural therapy focuses on changing the mind so that mood and behaviour are significantly adjusted. Often when we are depressed or anxious, our thoughts about situations can become distorted. This can increase our anxiety or worsen our depression.

Through CBT, we can become aware of the automatic thoughts we have that affect the way we feel and behave. By paying attention to our self talk, we are then able to evaluate our thoughts for accuracy and learn techniques to challenge them. The idea is, if our thoughts are more accurate our mood will improve. An important part of CBT is getting to the root of those thoughts and to learn what is anchoring our thinking. This enables us to look at core beliefs we have about ourselves and challenge them. It is these changes that lead to the biggest shift in the way we feel about ourselves and our mood.


Discover helpful ways to connect with your inner self & feel a sense of security by tuning into your emotions. Workshops available for individuals, couples and groups both in person and online.

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